Friday, January 18, 2019

I recently got the opportunity from Chickadvisor to try out the PureLeaf Turmeric with Citrus for free to give my honest opinion. 

With the brutal cold winter in Toronto, it is definitely the perfect time for a hot cup of herbal tea. I am either green tea or ginger tea drinker; therefore, this was my first time trying an herbal tea. I usually add turmeric to my Indian dishes but never in my tea, so I was curious how the tea would taste. The taste was strong for me at first, however the more sips I took the more I got used to the taste. Without a doubt, this tea is perfect for people who are sick or feel like they are about to get sick.

I check Wal-Mart’s website, it didn’t have the exact product listed, but majority of PureLeaf products was retailed at around $6.77, which is decent if you are not drink the tea everyday.

I would recommend
my family and friends to try it out

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