SECRET OUTLAST® CLEAR GEL Scent Expression - Oh la la Lavender Review

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Heyy guys, 
Before I even start my review for this product, I would like to mention that I received this product for free to try out and give my honest opinion from Bzz Agent. If you are want to know more information about the program and how to join, I put the links below near the end of this post.

In December I posted an un-boxing video for this product - Take a look below 

Lets get started !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Like I said before, I received this product for free to try out and give my honest opinion from Bzz Agent. I was super excited in getting this in the mail, I had never tried a gel deodorant before. I wanted to try the product straight for one month before writing a review. In the first couple of days, I really did not like the product, firstly it was so cold on my skin and around lunch time i could feel that i was sweating and it was not pleasant.But then after using it for one month, I got used to it and it stayed dry which was a surprise, but it doesn't last for 48 hours. The pro for this product was hands down the smell, the lavender was for sure OOH-la-la. I was very scared that my black and white shirts would get white marks or turn yellow, but it didn't, which I am happy about. My mom ask for a new deodorant, so I bought it for her ( it was under $3 at Wal-Mart), after trying it, she liked it but she told me that her underarms were getting darker after using it (not sure if anyone else noticed that). 

I would recommend it during the summer not the winter. But for now i will stick to my solid deodorant for the winter months

Diana Rating - 3 Stars

I really hope that this review was useful. If you decide to try out the deodorant, let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear what your thoughts were.

And before I go, a little info on Bzz Agent

Bzz Agent is a program that lets you try and share popular known products and services, often for free. You have to do some surveys, so that they can match you with campaigns that would be perfect for you. When a campaign comes along, Bzz Agent will email you an invite - and if  you are interested in trying out the products then you join, if not you can decline. After trying the product or service out, you write an honest review and share with all your family and friends . The more active you are in the campaign are the more likely you will get more campaigns in the future. Bzz Agent is available in Canada, US and UK, not sure about any other countries

To sign up or get more info about the Bzz Agent - here is the link :

Take Care, 

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