Thursday, July 12, 2018

When I saw that I was selected to try out CLEAN & CLEAR ACNE TRIPLE CLEAR CLAY MASK from Chick Advisor for free, I was super excited because lately I have been doing the evening shift at work and have been lacking in sleep for a couple of months. This review is my honest opinion.

I love that the product is not in a tube but in a compact container therefore ensuring that I am getting every last drop of the product. When I opened the clay mask container, I notice a very fresh scent ( I want to say fruity scent but not 100% sure if you would describe it fruity) that smells really good. 

When I put the mask on my face, I noticed that the mask didn’t completely dry where the mask is crumbling or tightening the face. A lot of masks that I have used before really dry up the face resulting in me having to moisture my face right after. However this mask didn't dry up my face but I did put serum right after. 

I really like that it wasn't messy trying to wash the mask, it quickly came off - leaving my face feeling smooth and fresh.

I tried looking to see what the price of mask would be in Wal-Mart or on Amazon but had no luck finding it.  

I would definitely recommend it to try this product out.

If you are excited about trying this product out or already have it, please let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts 

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