BzzAgent - Gillette Venus Platinum Review

Saturday, April 07, 2018

I recently meet up with my closest friends, and during the conversation I brought up that I recently got Gillette Venus Platinum from Bzz Agent to try out  for free and get my honest opinion.  They asked me what I thought about it, I told them its amazing. I usually take my brothers new disposal razor blades, but lately I noticed I was getting bumps on my armpit. I used the Gillette Venus Platinum, it was so smooth and was able to get rid of the hair. The handle on the shaving fits in your hands comfortably too. I told them that I saw that Wal-Mart was retailing it for $14.97, which is a little pricy for me but I told them that I would definitely recommend it. They told me that they would definitely check it out.

If you get a chance to try out the product, I would to know what you guys think - just leave a comment below

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